Zuk Z2 Going Fast


Zuk Z2

Zuk Z2 mobile phone has just been released with a specification is qualified. Through a benchmark results, Z2 also showed how quickly he can go.

The results of benchmark tests which appears merely from Antutu. But at least adequately describe how the performance of this phone.

The variants tested were at the bottom, ie Zuk Z2 with 820 Snapdragon processor speed of 2.15 GHz. Inside embedded RAM 4 GB.

Results are inscribed Zuk high enough Z2 136 436. This result is actually not much different with the acquisition of a number of phones that use similar processors, such as the Samsung Galaxy S7, Mi 5 and others.

But when testing is the operating system used Zuk Z2 still Zui 1. Because, when it has been used Zui 2.0, the processor can be overclocked to 2.3 GHz. Of course this will increase the value of the benchmark.

However, the results of which have been inscribed Zuk Z2 is actually quite satisfactory. Especially considering the price of this phone is cheaper than competitors that carries the same specifications.

Back talk specs, besides powered by Snapdragon 802 and 4GB of RAM, Zuk's latest phone has 64 GB of storage space. The screen itself measures 5 inches with a resolution of Full HD.

For the affairs of the camera is created equal. Zuk immerse ICOCELL sized sensor camera 13MP with a pixel size 1,32um. The camera offers 0.1 seconds faster focus, EIS and an aperture of f / 2.2. The front camera itself measures 8 MP.

About the battery has a capacity of 3500 mAh (Z2). Zuk equip it with the ability to fast charger. Only 100 minutes can charge the battery to 80%.

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