Xiaomi Mi 5 – Shown in 3 versions with more cool specs


Xiaomi Mi 5

Re-introduce the newest flagship Xiaomi, Xiaomi Mi 5, which is the successor Mi 4. This smartphone appeared in three versions, Standard, High, and Exclusive. For relatively similar design with a slightly curved edges on the back in order to provide comfort in grip

Interestingly each version Xiaomi Mi 5 apply different body material. The standard version and High relying on metal and Gorilla Glass 4.0 while the version Exclusive applying ceramic materials and glass

Xiaomi Mi 5:15 5 inch IPS screen displays FHD (1080p), a technology-powered ultra-bright 16-LED backlight and sunlight display, which presents the screen display with contrast levels each pixel, to remain clear even in direct sunlight. In her bezeless, the strength of the screen is even more out

Xiaomi Mi 5 plugging chip (SoC) by Qualcomm Snapdragon 820, combined with the graphics engine (GPU) Andreno 530. However, applying three different CPU composition. The standard version of the processor speed of 1.8 GHz with 3GB RAM / ROM 32 GB). In the High version had a 2:15 Ghz processor with 3GB of RAM while the Exclusive variant crammed 2:15 GHz processor with 4GB RAM

On the home button Xiaomi Mi 5 already filled sensor fingerprint scanner, which is able to add mobile data assurance. Quick Charge feature to charge a fast, 4G + (4G Advance Cat. 12 LTE), VoLTE and port USB Type-C has been available to him. Including class 16MP main camera with aperture f / 2.0 lens, optical image stabilizer 4-axis, PDAF and technology 'Trench Isolation' to keep the color looks natural

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