Is your phone really the fastest Smartphone?


fastest Smartphone

Smartphone market has boomed in the past decade with smartphones considered as the new status symbol. In the past year say for example, there have been boatload of super phones with each one of them claiming to be the fastest smartphone, for example Samsung Galaxy S6, Apple iPhone 6S and LG G4 to name a few which were launched last year in 2015 .

Does Benchmarking really work?

The benchmarks done in the labs tell a different story when compared with real world performance. The way the labs give the report of the fastest smartphone, the user may have completely opposite experience. The end story? Every user uses the Smartphone differently.

There are hundreds of thousands of apps available. Every so called fastest smartphone has different number of apps or probably different versions of same apps installed and running at the same time. The benchmark gives the results in certain specific environments which may or may not be there when a real time user uses the Smartphone.

The effect of ageing on the performance!

Also, the age of the device plays a major factor when it comes to deciding that which device can boast about being the fastest smartphone. During daily regular use, the normal wear and tear occurs which might slow down the device, affecting its performance significantly. So the phone which you bought considering to be the fastest smartphone, is not as fast as it used to be.

Does your Smartphone has all the required hardware?

The role of the hardware is of utmost importance in reaching out to a conclusion. But as it is said, everything has its limitations. The Samsung Galaxy S6 is comprised of huge loads of power, but it does not cache games. So for an avid Smartphone gamer, Samsung Galaxy S6 may not be the fastest smartphone. Sony has gained a lot of praise in the Smartphone market with its octa-core processor chip based Xperia Z5, but it performs poorly in the Boot up test. So the claims of being the fastest smartphone is limited to certain functionalities that the devices can perform at a faster rate compared to other devices.

Relying on Expert opinions and Reviews - Does it help?

The second best thing one can do to find out if their Smartphone is really the fastest smarphone, they can check out the reviews and opinions of experts. The only problem is that they are a bit subjective in nature. So, should you turn back to the benchmarks? Well, you can decide on the basis of both the things in mind. Even if the reviews and opinions are subjective, Benchmark scores also are not lying for sure.

Freeing up some memory might do the trick!

Another important component is the free memory space available in the device. If you have less amount of free memory available, lesser are the chances of you owning the fastest smartphone on the planet.

Concluding the discussion, the decision entirely depends ultimately on the user's choice of how he or she wants to operate the device. Make the checklist now. Do you have what is called the fastest smartphone?

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