HP Chromebook 13 – A New Chrome Laptop-based from HP


HP Chromebook 13

Indeed, the presence of the Chromebook laptop-based Chrome OS is not as popular as its competitors from Microsoft and Apple. But its existence is starting to take place in the hearts of laptop users worldwide. Hewlett Packard see this as an opportunity and this is the presence of the HP Chromebook 13 Chromebook their latest products to design almost resembles the MacBook Air from Apple. A new option for those who intend to get to know your Chromebook.

HP Chromebook 13 has an attractive design, made thin with a myriad of great features. Talking about the specifications, 13 Chromebook laptop has a screen size of 13.3 inches with QHD resolution 3200x1800 pixel level and to achieve 16 GB RAM. This laptop weighs 1:29 kg with a thickness of 12.9 mm using a sixth-generation processor is Intel Core M. The HP also said that the laptop is the first time using the processor.

Not to be outdone, HP also provides a battery with a lifespan of up to 11.5 hours. And more interestingly, HP Chromebook 13, it uses a USB Type-C for battery recharging. HP also offers several variants in accordance with the offer different specifications. Chromebook with Pentium 4450Y and 4GB of RAM valued $ 499. Chromebook with Intel Core SoC and 4GB of RAM m3-6Y30 valued $ 599. While the Core m5-6Y57 with 8 GB of RAM is priced at $ 819. While the latter with Core m7-6Y75 and 16 GB RAM valued $ 1,029

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