Blackberry Release Android This November


Blackberry has become very famous phone in 2000-s. However, its popularity is decreasing while people turn to use smartphone based on windows, android, or iOS. This make blackberry was abandoned by the users. Therefore, Blackberry releases android to regain its fans. It is understandable because the previous Blackberry phone didn’t very useful for those who need fast information. The browser for example, didn’t give an easy operation. Besides, Blackberry need more cost than smartphone for internet quota. By the news that Blackberry will have android system, it is believed that it will regain the popularity among the market. Moreover, there are some more features they offer.

Since Blackberry release android, they have so many attentions from public. The newest Blackberry that will launch soon is Venice with Qwerty keypad. In addition, Venice will have sliding model with hard case of keypad. This is good news for those who don’t like touchscreen design. The specification will be amazing. This variant will have 3 GB of RAM with 1.8 Hz 64-bit hexa core 808 processor of Snapdragon. For the screen, it has 5.4 inch with Quad-HD screen. Furthermore, it has 18 megapixels rear cameras completed with front camera 5 megapixels. In other words, Venice will have very high specification as a smartphone.
Blackberry mentions that the launching will be in November. For the keyboard, actually it can be use in both touch and hard-case. That is why it will have sliding mode. The phone will have lollipop Android. It means Blackberry Venice will have the highest series of Android. The news of Blackberry release android is not the new news actually. Since a year ago, Blackberry already talked that they will upgrade the operating system of their phone. Some few months ago the news is still known as rumors. However, with the announcement from Blackberry, that issue come true.

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