Asus E402MA – Elegant Portable Notebook For Students



Asus E402MAAmong students, college students and even among executives today prefer a notebook compact, lightweight yet have a reliable performance. But usually it will be hampered by the active period of a battery that is sometimes sacrificed. Though the notebook is capable of fulfilling the hopes of their needs throughout the day

ASUS had the latest solution to meet the needs of these users. ASUS presents a series Asus E402MA the elegant and lightweight design with a screen size of 14 inches, while still improving overall system performance

E402MA is equipped with a variety of features, ranging from a beautiful sound, storage of relief, until complete connectivity features. These features are wrapped in a notebook with the corners of the elegant, dynamic exterior texture and is available in 3 colors expressive

ASUS Notebook E402MA undeniably does have a beautiful design and elegant, but not only that, his voice feature can be relied upon. 2 speakers placement at the bottom of the notebook, making this device comfortable sound

To strengthen the performance and data processing, ASUS E402MA has been reinforced with an Intel Dual Core N2840 is capable of speeds of up to 2:58 optimized premises GHz. Presesor performance is able to make the process faster program processing with efficient power consumption

In total, the ASUS E402MA able to offer the active period of the battery up to 8 hours. For embedded data storage 500 GB hard drive with an expansion slot SD / MMC cards up to 128 GB, up to a web-based storage of 500 GB ASUS WebStorage

To support connectivity, ASUS provides USB 2.0 ports, USB 3.0 ports, LAN, VGA, HDMI. In addition to WiFi 802.11 b / g / n and Gigabit Ethernet, users can also connect other devices to the notebook through Bluetooth connections 4.0

In addition to offering a qualified product quality, ASUS also helped equip this product with the aftersales service for 2 years global warranty applies to services fee and spare parts

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